Warmth and Cool - A Invitation to explore the spectrum of color

Warmth and Cool - A Invitation to explore the spectrum of color

Color is a spectrum of feeling. In photography everything we create has foundations in light, shadow and color. Shades and hues affected by how much light we allow in and the shadow we utilize to accentuate the vibrancy of the colors. 

The way in which we interpret color is entirely unique, yet there are invisible strings that hold many of us in unison. Perceiving certain tones and feeling similar emotions. 

I invite you to close your eyes. Envision being surrounded by colors that embody warmth. Terra cotta, gold, mahogany, sunset orange, sunflower yellow. They wrap around the soul like sunshine on a slow Sunday morning. Filling the crevices of our heart with a feeling of belonging. There is comfort here, understanding. A feeling of family, a coming home to sit by the fire with people who know every part of you. This is the power of warmth. 

Take a moment and surrender to something entirely different. The cool serenity of blue, lavender, white, even certain shades of pink.  There is something curious yet incredibly calming. Rather than the kiss of sunshine on bare skin that warm tones awaken, these cool colors feel more like frost on eyelashes. The bitter chill of being irrevocably alive. 

One spectrum of color holding an entire universe of possibilities. My fine art photography collections gently utilize all of it, every hue and tone. Throughout the years I have found that warmth is so lovely in bedrooms and living rooms where as the cool colors are incredible in offices and bathrooms. 

You may find yourself wanting the complete opposite and that too, is fantastic! Just like the language of flowers our own human perceptions vary and change often, and I have the greatest confidence in where those differences and changes occur. 

Curious as ever to know what your soul calls too. Is it warm colors, cool, or both? What feelings do they bring to the surface and which would you want in your bedroom, office, living space? The world of flower art prints is endless. I love hearing from you and gaining new perspectives into how the human mind takes in the magnitude of color. 

May we always be mesmerized by the way color moves within our life, a forever inspiration that exists all around. 

with love,