Handling your print

Unpacking and handling your fine art print

Unpacking your Fine Art Print is super easy. I’ve made unwrapping your print as effortless as possible without compromising protection.

All large prints (13x19, 16x20, and 18x24) are shipped rolled around the outside of a tube in protective glassine paper, so that your artwork does not get bent or scratched. All first time buyers of larger size prints will receive a set of special art print gloves to help you unravel your print. Please be gentle as you handle the artwork because the surface is delicate. To unwrap the print, peel the easy to remove sticker off the rolled up artwork. Be sure not to squeeze the print too hard as you may bend it.

From here, gently unroll your print on a flat surface. If you have a frame ready, you can take your print out of the packaging and place it in the casing as soon as it’s out of the parcel. If you are taking it to a framer, then I would suggest keeping it in the box to ensure it is well-protected until it is ready to be framed.

To unwrap the smaller 8x10 prints, all you need to do is open the book box. Since your artwork arrives flat, this is super easy to store. Take the print out of the sleeve if it's ready to be framed and if not, leave it in there until it is ready.

The smaller floral art cards are also printed on museum quality fine art paper, so if kept outside the gusset envelope (they like all the other fine art papers) have a tendency to roll unless framed or gifted in the blank envelopes that accompany your cards. I would keep these little wonders inside the gusset envelope tied with the lovely ribbon to ensure they stay flat until they are ready to be shared or framed.