Autumn Flower Art Prints

Harvest. Gather. Feast. We have reached the height of Autumn. The air leaves your cheeks with fresh rose buds. Crisp, knowing air, that wraps around the world leaving dew drops of bliss in its wake. Photographing this season leaves one feeling whole, warm, and so held. The flowers remind us to slow down, to take in all that is around us. To be present with the ones we love. These fine art pieces allow this feeling to fill the space of your choosing. A forever talisman of the way we are all one another’s harvest.
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Harvest Time - flower art prints

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I've been drawn to examine each floral family and their significance this year. Dahlias represent change, and as we shift through the final summer hours, I'm reminded to let go and embrace the inevitable season of transition. As a soft whisper fades away, so do the summer blooms, and we begin to settle into the slow pace of autumn. 

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