Autumn Flower Art Prints

Harvest. Gather. Feast. We have reached the height of Autumn. The air leaves your cheeks with fresh rose buds. Crisp, knowing air, that wraps around the world leaving dew drops of bliss in its wake. Photographing this season leaves one feeling whole, warm, and so held. The flowers remind us to slow down, to take in all that is around us. To be present with the ones we love. These fine art pieces allow this feeling to fill the space of your choosing. A forever talisman of the way we are all one another’s harvest.
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Harvest Time - flower art prints

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Harvest. A time of abundance, the shifting of seasons, light turning to shadow earlier, allowing time for rest and presence. Harvest time is filled with color and extraordinary patterns that inspire the senses. Mahagony, golden yellow, burnt orange, and creamy white all weave together to represent this season of becoming. This breathtaking still life is part of a numbered edition... Read more