Early Autumn Flower Art Prints

Light begins to wane earlier in the day. Dusk, with its lavender splendor coming with an urgency that captures all the senses. Trees begin their slow change into vibrant color. Green fading into yellow, orange and some into radiant reds. An artists palette in the language only plants and flowers understand. A slow collapse into hibernation. A moment that reminds us of the constant transition of life. Always one season moving into the next, an intricate web of patterns just like the early autumn dahlia. Come get lost in fine art pieces that evoke the feeling of autumnal goodness.
Early Autumn Series flower prints | fine art flower photography

Reborn - flower art prints

from $1,375.00

A detailed study of the enduring chrysanthemum brought to life enchanting visions of imaginary folk prancing through its many petals thanks to this flower’s ancient association with faeries. As I contemplated this vision, I pondered the phrase, “to bring something to life,” landing upon the wonder of my own everyday existence. Demonstrating the sturdy yet poetic pattern of this Autumnal... Read more

Patience - flower art prints

from $300.00

A macro illustration of the golden chrysanthemum touched with delicate droplets of dew, this fine art floral print on Giclée museum quality paper is a numbered edition of 75 in three different sizes (8 x 10”, 16 x 20”, and 18 x 24”). Photographed to showcase the brilliant intricacy of her many petals, this art piece perfectly illustrates the welcome... Read more

Lavender Mist - flower art prints

from $225.00

Dahlias are truly something otherworldly. Their patterns move like a melody our hearts have always known. Lavender Mist is a macro capture of a dark violet dahlia's incredible detail and rhythm. A story within a story, she speaks her truth out loud. Unafraid and unapologetic for every curve and edge. She is part of a numbered edition of 175 prints... Read more

The Art of Listening - flower art prints

from $225.00

This detailed fine art flower print demonstrating the elegance and strength of autumn’s prized dahlia is a numbered edition of 175 for each size: 8 x 10 inches, 16 x 20 inches, and 18 x 24 inches. Focussed on her graceful unfurling and remarkable inner strength, this dahlia print is unframed and Giclée printed on museum quality, smooth archival fine... Read more

Permission - flower art prints

from $225.00

Wild patterns of the dahlia. How she twists and turns, all to come back to center. She exists without permission, and this fine art photograph of her is a testament to that unyielding strength and presence. This macro fine art print of a lavender dahlia is part of a numbered edition of 175 in each size. Available unframed in a... Read more

To Rise with The Sun - flower art prints

from $225.00

An art piece that takes us into the feeling of rising with the light. Imagine a perfect sunrise. The way streams of light long to kiss your skin. Sherbert colors create a watercolor on the horizon. This moment with my camera, photographing her, felt just like that. A rise into all that is possible. Mesmerized by her finer details, I... Read more

Burning White Light - flower art prints

from $225.00

An ember of burning love. A fine art photograph for the ages. Ethereal white light beams from an autumnal dahlia. Serene yet powerful, this print captures the essence of souls. All the complexity and simplicity wrapped into one. This stunning dahlia is part of a numbered edition of 175 in each size. The larger sizes, 16 x 20 inches and... Read more

Intrinsic Worth - flower art prints

from $225.00

A fine art study of our intrinsic worth. A floral reminder of the way when we sit in stillness, some of our most extraordinary work begins. This dahlia is seen in all its detail, an intimate study of this magnificent flower. This sweet, blushing self-romance is part of a numbered edition of 175 in each size. The two largest sizes,... Read more

A Moment of Softness - flower art prints

from $225.00

Where there is softness, there is strength. The pale pink petals of this dahlia call one into the tender parts of their heart. A fine art photograph meant to hold the one who gazes at it in a gentle embrace. A gossamer moment, this sweet bloom is part of a numbered edition of 175 in each size. Available in three... Read more

A Sliver of Sunshine - flower art prints

from $225.00

An intricate work of detail, this fine art print truly breathes in what it is to be touched by a sliver of sunshine. A pastel sunrise, this dahlia is radiant in her beauty. A fine art photography moment that we all dream of. A subject that is effortless in her acceptance of every curve and edge. She is laughter and... Read more

Grief - flower art prints

from $225.00

A stirring portrait of a snow-white dahlia in full blossom. This whimsical piece is part of a numbered edition of 175 in each size. A reminder of our ephemeral nature, this dahlia comes in varying sizes: 8x10 inches, 16 x 20 inches, and 18 x 24 inches, unframed and printed on Giclée museum quality paper. This paper is archival, created... Read more