The Prints

Explore the way my fine art photography comes to life.

Every step of creating fine art photography feels like a love story. The preparations, the shoot, editing, and of course packaging and sending to you, all come with their own form of beauty. I would love to share more with you about my fine print packages, what you get and every fine detail that I put every ounce of love into. If you have any other questions, always feel free to reach out. It is always a joy to connect and support you during your journey with picking art for your heart and home. 

What your art print package includes:

Everything I send out has a breathtaking level of detail, making your package extra special. Your print isn’t only an exquisite piece of art giving you joy  — it comes in a magnificent hand crafted package, utilizing the very best locally sourced materials.

5x7 inches fine art prints bundles:

These sweet cards are delivered in a magnificent handmade gusset envelope. Each card is Giclée printed onto museum quality smooth archival matte fine art paper. The floral art cards package has the option of gift wrapping should you wish to gift someone you love a bundle of joy.

N.B. as these are printed on fine art paper, if kept outside the gusset envelope (they like all the other fine art papers) have a tendency to roll unless framed or gifted in the blank envelope provided.

8x10 inches fine art print package:

Your fine art print is Giclée printed on museum quality paper. It is shipped flat inside an acid-free sleeve with a pH neutral white backer board. It is then wrapped in vellum paper to prevent damage and shipped in a book mailer. The entire contents are then carefully packaged into a smart custom designed bookbox that is 100% recyclable.

Love and passion are poured into your package to fill you with warmth as well as making the whole art buying experience, an act of art in its own right.

16x20 inches and 18x24 inches fine art print package:

Your fine art print is Giclée printed on museum quality paper, and is delivered with a pair of cotton gloves so that first time buyers can safely handle their prints. The print is rolled around the outside of a sealed tube, in acid-free protective glassine paper so that your artwork does not get bent or scratched.

Everything is then placed into a smart custom designed box that is 100% recyclable. Each of these fine art print comes with a COA (Certificate of Authenticity) which is signed, numbered, dated and embossed with an artist seal.

You can read more about the quality of the fine art prints here.