Meet Elena Dragoi


ELENA DRAGOI Flower Art PrintsMy heart has always been drawn to the world of flowers. The way they bloom in seemingly impossible landscapes, in seasons where the sun's potent warmth should harm them when rain pours down as they fold into themselves. They continue. Seeds are carried far and wide by birds and pollinated by the bees. Flowers have found a way to shine their beauty, if even for a fleeting moment. As a fine art photographer, discovering the subject of flowers built the foundation of my work.

They embody every facet of design, fine details, color, light, and shadow. Their different phases are all equally inspiring. I love capturing them in their wilting just as much as in their blossoming. Just as with humans, there is a rare, incredible beauty in the decay.

I am Elena Dragoi, a fine art photographer and a connoisseur of beauty. The art I create is curated to offer you limited pieces that are made to feel like you are holding a moment in time. Once sold, they will not be reproduced. It is vital to my heart that each piece feels like a treasure to be cherished for generations to come.

Working with flowers has transformed the way I see the world. Deeply embracing the simple pleasures of the everyday. A cup of coffee, with light flowing in the window, leaving dapples on the espresso and my skin. Music filling a space, and bodies moving to feel closer to something divine. The spritz of an aroma that fills you with nostalgia after a shower, the taste of delicious food made by hands that find pleasure in nourishment.  

Photography is a sacred ritual for both the artist and the art holder. Each photograph is a piece of my story and becomes a piece of yours when transferred to your hands. I was born in Romania and would pick poppies every Spring, enamored by their rich colors and the delicacy in which they blew in the wind. I still carry that little girl inside me and find flowers everywhere I go. That inner child loved the idea of preserving memories, and through the medium of photography, I am able to do just that. Immortalizing moments to be shared and loved as time moves forward.

Thank you for being part of this journey within artistic expression. Feel free to reach out anytime, connect, and talk about the simple moments of beauty that exist in our everyday lives. I am based in NYC and love to meet in person to connect. If there is anything I love more than photography, it would be connecting with you. Here is to cherishing every day of life we are given and allowing ourselves to create all we are called towards.

with love,