My natural affinity for visual creativity led me to photography. I take elements from the art forms that I practiced to make mesmeric photos that convey emotion and explore a particular narrative. Over time, my style has evolved. I’ve pushed myself to learn new techniques, but photographic storytelling has always been my superpower.

Although still life is my main style, I practice several types of photography and styling. I love working with others to bring their visions to life too. I always dive deeply into story, ethos, and theme because an intimate and inspired process is incredibly important to me.

My first step is to create a mood board with a color palette for the shoot. I’ll block off an entire week (sometimes more) for one project and then source florals, props, and other various ingredients. I never rush through the dreaming and planning phase. 

I learned how to style and decorate from my mother. She has a beautiful eye and showed me how to identify and source exquisitely beautiful pieces. I still use a lot of what she taught me, “start with a blank white canvas. No matter how much has already been done and create a mental map of how individual parts will support the whole.”

My canvas always nearly begins with flowers, and being influenced by that story that I am sharing, I start building. Infinitesimal detail goes into my artwork — it is created stem by stem. Sometimes this takes hours - but the final product brought forth with love and care is always worth it. I dedicate all my mental energy to the work throughout the shooting week, but I don't take photos nonstop. Inspiration comes in bursts, and I move with the flow of these moments. 

If you’d like to work with me — 

I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others — check out my tutorial. I love helping people to thrive in what they do. For those just starting out or for anyone curious about my process, I offer personal consultations. We’ll talk about getting started, sourcing props, shooting an object, and developing a signature style. Let’s bring your dreams into focus!

with love,