Early Summer Flower Art Prints

The warmth is coming. Blistering rays of sunshine touch the earth as the day wears on. Some mornings are still marked with a temporary mist. It is a time before the wheel of the year begins to speed up, a time of languid stillness that beckons for you to simply be. To see. To breathe. To become. Come explore the fine art pieces that speak to this fleeting time of early summer.
Early Summer Series Flower art prints | Fine art Flower photography

Dream - flower art prints

from $445.00

This fine art flower print of silken rose petals kissed with dew is a numbered edition of 75 available in 8 x 10 inches, 16 x 20 inches or 18 x 24 inches. In capturing the mirror-like water droplets I was taken back to a moment of childlike wonder, where the sky above me was an ombre canvas of color... Read more

Blushing Romance - flower art prints

from $225.00

This fine art floral print in soft shades of pastel pink and ivory is a numbered edition of 175 for each size: 8x10 inches, 16 x 20 inches, and 18 x 24 inches. A symbol of love and compassion that makes her appearance in May, the peony is a delicate bloom that speaks of femininity and kindness. This artwork comes... Read more

Surrender - flower art prints

from $1,375.00

This floral art print of two peonies tenderly succumbing to the natural progression of their existence comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity and is a numbered edition of 25 in sizes 16 x 20” and 18 x 24”. In capturing their unfurling petals I was given pause to consider how this beloved bloom incites much anticipation among garden aficionados.... Read more

Gentle Rising - flower art prints

from $445.00

A detailed portrait of two peonies side by side, this fine art floral print is a beautiful reminder that no two blooms are alike. It wasn’t until I stood back and studied the yellow fronds at their center and the delicate adjoining petals that I saw how unique each flower was through my lens. Like the blooms before us in... Read more

The Gift - flower art prints

from $445.00

In so many ways our existence can be compared to the rise and fall of flowers, not only in the truth that — just as nature intended — we are each unique, but also in the acceptance that we too must grow old with grace. This fine art floral of two peonies depicts spring’s beloved bloom at its finest; yellow... Read more

Brilliant Contradictions - flower art prints

from $975.00

A detailed portrait of an unfurling rose, this floral art print is a numbered edition of 50 in sizes 16 x 20” and 18 x 24”. In capturing the opening of her satin petals I pondered the numerous pathways I have navigated in my lifetime — for this beloved blooming flower served as a reminder that in all existence there... Read more

Adoration - flower prints

from $225.00

The peony is a sign of protection, love, and compassion. Surrounded by mythology and symbolism, the history of this flower is rich with delightful stories. Each time I look into a rosy peony face, I can almost feel the kind, innocent energy they hold within. Pink peonies are especially symbolic to me - their feminine energy is tangible and their... Read more

Moonlit Romance - flower prints

from $225.00

The air was thick with warmth—a full moon like a spotlight in the midnight sky. The air was thick with the scent of honeysuckle and late-blooming peonies. Sweet, heady, and captivating. Silken skin and hair tousled from salt water. Anothers arms gently draped around your waist—the innocence and passion of a first kiss, with lips stained by summer berries. Romance... Read more

The Dew Drops of Joy - flower prints

from $225.00

Have you noticed what joy feels like in your body? The way it radiates from the soul, your mind, and heart, riding a wave of beautiful emotion. Not wanting, not lacking, simply feeling so content with all you have—ceasing in the reaching for more. Joy is surrender; it is comfort; it is excitement. It embodies an array of emotions that... Read more

The Color of Loving - flower prints

from $225.00

Pastel pink waves with flickers of magenta. A cloud of petals that provide a delicate landing for dew drops. The mirrorballs of water, reflecting light and capturing imagination. Love and flowers were always meant to intersect. One falling into the other like a missing puzzle piece. Love is a gift, something we learn to give and receive. Reciprocity the foundation... Read more

Into the Sea - flower prints

from $225.00

Floating gently on undisturbed water, the peonies in this fine art floral print were captured to represent the freedom and calm of exploring our own thoughts and dreams. A deep and soothing depiction inspired by the Black Sea, this intriguing piece is a numbered edition of 175 for each size: 8x10 inches, 16 x 20 inches, and 18 x 24... Read more

Lost in a Daydream - flower prints

from $225.00

"It's a kindness that the mind can go where it wishes." ― Publius Ovidius Naso, The Poems of Exile: Tristia and the Black Sea Letters The Black Sea is a place of mystery and myth. A wild landscape where waters from all over Europe converge. As a child, it was a place where my imagination could play as I floated... Read more