Pantone 2022 - A Periwinkle Dream

Pantone 2022 - A Periwinkle Dream

As Dusk Falls

Think of the falling dusk, the way the oranges and sherberts of sunset melt into a watercolor luster of violets, soft pinks, magentas, and a periwinkle that shimmers in the coming night sky—the feeling of being held by this captivating hour, the quiet and sound existing at once. 

This year's color from Pantone is Very Peri. A periwinkle blue with violet-red undertones, created specifically for this auspicious year, 2022. A color produced by the hands and minds of people seeking artistic inspiration and expression. A color akin to one we know, but altogether something new entirely. 

We are living in a time of massive shift and transformation; Pantone captured this feeling of change through color; there is such amazement in this moment. A color that captures both our past and the future we must choose to birth. 

Color in the World at Large

When this color of the year is announced, industries worldwide get to creating—taking inspiration from the color choice and bringing it into spaces, clothing design, film, art, and leisure. I like to focus on community creativity when looking at this side of inspiration. 

Consider the times when you sit and watch the world around you—activating all of your senses and getting lost in the constant flow of light and shadow. The root of color is quite simple. It is the aspect of things caused by differing qualities of the light reflected or emitted by them. To see color, you have to have light. 

I can already imagine the dresses made with sustainable fabrics dripping in the rich tone of Very Peri, the rooms that will wrap people up in gentle warmth, and cozy couches where people will gather and hold one another. 

Isn't that the most fantastic part about any form of artistic expression? The way it manages to bring souls together. Yes, more of that. 

The Floral World and Fine Art Photography

When I first saw Very Peri, my mind came alive thinking of all the flowers that embody the essence of this color. Anemones, vanda orchids, clematis, snapdragons, dahlias, sweet peas, and alliums, just to name a few. Each carries its own hue of the color of the year. 

As an artist, I am looking forward to finding this color and shades of this color within nature and bringing them into the studio to create beauty. A challenge, considering this color was created by brilliant minds and not by nature herself. Yet, all that we can conceive exists somewhere around us. 

When I close my eyes and think of Very Peri, I feel as though I am being held in a bundle of warmth and energy. Something that is both calm and alive. Asking me to embrace my mind full of ideas, all while honoring self-love and care and releasing any form of rush. A request for languid days where every sound becomes music and every color a beacon of imagination. 

Already I wonder what 2023 Pantone will hold; until then may we enjoy getting lost in the world of Very Peri.

With love,