Black and White Photographs Give Flowers a Voice

black and white birds eye view of petals

Black and white photographs are utilized to sweep our hearts into a timeless space. For instance, we can see the tenderness of an abandoned child with or without color because there is nothing more noticeable than light and shadow. We feel their emotions as if they were ours; joys become even sweeter when contrasted by pain: pure light and the absence of light, black and white, yin, and yang. The beauty of color can distract us from minute overlooked details that can only be heightened by a black and white photo. Black and white images transport us into timeless spaces, telling their stories through light and shadow.

Black and white photography captures

emotions in such a way that the viewer can almost feel them. The result is an intimacy not seen through other mediums - we walk along their garden path or sit under their shaded tree.

It's up to us now: will the end be joyous or bitterly sorrowful?

Black and White Collection for 2020

The 2020 black and white floral collection is full of beautiful blooms: The Grace of Peony, Crushing on You, Bravery, Compassion, and Love.

"Flowers are strongly connected to our most poignant moments in life, and I aim to capture that sentiment through my prints, which were taken with the flowers themselves telling their own stories."

Through these photographs, you can see various moods conveyed simply by looking at an arrangement of some delicate petals on paper - they make us feel what the flower is feeling too! 

Photographing rare varieties, capturing specific points in time, where we know exactly what those thoughts would be without saying anything about them explicitly, can only be captured in black and white.

Black and White Collection for 2021- Floriography

In 2021 I dove into the world of macro photography. Getting a closer look into the world of flowers. I wanted to learn their language, to collapse into the depth of their design and intricacies. 

Black and White, macro imagery presents with an ethereal quality. Begging the imagination to create story from what is placed in front of it. A type of collateral beauty where you can see every single part of what makes a flower, a flower. In cosmos, I found the love of a mother, the gentle love that holds and nurtures. A gentle leaning into simply being present for the ones we love. The cosmos are so delicate and they bend every so delicately into one another. Then there was the enduring chrysanthemum which brought to life enchanting visions of imaginary folk prancing through its many petals, an extraordinary adventure through the world of the fey. One of my most beloved moments was with a poppy. Each part of its magnificent being on show. It awakened my spirit watching as its elegance spoke through the lens. 

The whole collection from 2021 was a healing of mind, body and spirit. A new way to listen to the language of flowers.

The Monochromatic Peony

The Paeonia illustrates the strength and elegance of a single flower. When seen in color, it is vibrant, with coral-colored petals reaching from its center. However, when viewed in black and white, we can see that these flowers are not just captivating because they're breath-taking; this Paeonia has something to say. It beckons us to be as brave as possible through our vulnerability by letting go of what may come next for fear of being crushed on every side.

closeup of flower in black and white

Crushing on You portrays the unspoken voices of Victorian-era women who used their coruscatingly magnificent flower designs to express flirtatious feelings during an incredibly restrictive time. Without the colors of the flowers apparent, we are truly taken to a moment in time when some young woman must have been interrupted in her work. Perhaps by some lover who whisked her away before she could finish arranging them on this table—the petals suggest that she was thinking fondly about him before he arrived. A timeless moment captured by these dream-like blooms.

metallic looking black and white flower photo

Design your Collection

Whether they're just one, or many across an entire setting. I want these peonies, representing braverycompassion and love, to speak volumes through their positioning and lighting about traits that will never stop being essential for us all to cultivate as human beings: strength, empathy, and love.

frame black and white flower prints on wall above sideboard

Are you ready to embrace the depth of the monochromatic color palette in your décor? Chic, timeless, understated artistry that's perfect for any space in the home.

With love,