Flower Art Color: Blush Pink

Flower Art - Color: Blush Pink
A much-loved hue believed to elicit happiness, blush pink is a soft, feminine color that often makes an appearance in the natural world. Pale yet perfect, these tones speak of romance and affection, inviting a moment of appreciation whenever we happen upon them in nature. From the inside of seashells and the first light of day on the horizon, to delicate, fragrant peonies and the beloved English garden rose — this lighthearted color beckons thoughts of compassion and healing that have a tendency to soothe the soul. Found in several of my floral art prints (Blushing RomanceSurrender, and Adoration), blush pink is a favorite color of mine because of its ability to subdue a busy mind and stimulate feelings of tenderness. Tell me friends, how does this romantic hue make you feel today?

with love,