A Remembering of Flowers - The Role of Fragrance in Art

rose petals

The love notes of aroma in artistic expression

When I went inward to think of how I wanted to connect with all of you, the senses kept coming to the forefront of my mind. I create to share; I create to come together and be amazed by how each individual perceives the same piece uniquely. 

small light flowers in dark green leaves

Fragrance plays an incredible role in my work, considering so much is based in the world of flowers. Aroma carries whispers of memories. The way orange blossom lingered on her skin. Lilac spun sugar as the frost leaned into the warmth of Spring.  Roses with their delicate undertones of wine, berry, plum, apple, tobacco, geranium, lemon, grass, and cloves. Aroma, like art, is an evocative experience.

detail of red rose petals with drops of water

Laced in layers of perception and knowing, each piece of fine art photography I create starts with a feeling.  Paying close attention to the way dew drops collect on petals, details that could often be looked over if not given my full attention.  

Scent and the seasons

Depending on the season, a different scent profile fills the studio, and each instills new memories deep within my mind. Seasonal representations of our own cycles in this human form. This is where I cannot help the smile that forms on my face as life becomes art and art beckons life. 

strong purple flowers

Each scene depicted is meant to bring you into the exact moment. The light seeping in and drawing your eye to the gentle curves of the lilac also helps you breathe in the unique scent they carry… roses, milky almonds, and green leaves all woven. 

Even the absence of fragrance can make its way into your heart. Think of the striking nature of Dahlias. The curvature of their form, the unrelenting elegance, variety of colors, so captivating we often forget they are almost always without scent. They are like the siren of the flowers. Their beauty creates such covet that we begin to smell sweetness even when there is none. 

delicate white cream petals

Fragrance and memory

These are the endless stories that exist within each fine art piece. The plants lend their own stories to the ones I create with my own hands. A trail of intoxication to help you remember the simple, timeless nature of flowers. The way they bring joy and aid in our healing from grief. How they lend their knowledge to us and weather the seasons of life with us. If we close our eyes, breathe and remember, so many of us can associate certain scents with memories. From childhood to the gift of old age, we hold these subconsciously close to us as the years go by.

sunflower petals with drops of water

Golden Hour I always reminds me of when I discovered that certain varieties of sunflowers smelled of honey. And as the droplets of water found homes, creating little clear ponds of reflection, I hoped others would think of sweet tea on a porch in the humid August heat. Bees buzzing all around, and a cloying fragrance of honey. 

Even pieces like Sunrise and Sunset evoke different perfumes. For each person gazing upon the fine art prints, something unique and specific to the life they have lived is revealed. There seems to be infinite connectivity between art and aroma. A love affair that can deepen our experience with perceiving the work before us.

Still life photo of wine and flowers

Take a moment to feel

We taste with our eyes, with our breath.

Take a moment and bring the scent of orange blossoms forth. Can you taste the citrus sweetness on your tongue? Can you feel the calm and playfulness of this adoring bloom? Can you sense the Spring warmth on your skin?

Such simple pleasures beg us to feel and feel we will.

As your day continues, I urge you to take in the way aroma enters your field, through flowers blooming on your walk to work, or to the art piece hanging on your wall, the scent of your partner's skin, or the perfume that brings you back to your grandmother's hands. Let the memories flow through you, and be reminded of the power that resides within this exquisite sense. And then ask yourself, what do sunrise and sunset smell like? Take out your journal and begin to discover the fascinating world of scent. 

With love,