Introducing my Fine Art Photography Series

Introducing my Fine Art Photography Series

Thank you for being here - I’m so excited to introduce you to my art. 

This journey began three years ago. In January of 2017, I knew my creative life needed to change direction, but I wasn’t sure how. At the time, I was working on a holistic-nutrition blog called Garden Heart - showcasing my favorite recipes through brooding photography - when all of a sudden, my ever-present inspiration vanished. I felt frozen every time I picked up my camera or entered my kitchen to create a recipe.

Feeling lost and unsure without the strong purpose I had always relied on, I decided to listen to my soul and take some time off. I wasn’t ready to give up photography, but I needed space to reflect on and imagine what my shifting place in the world might look like. 

Last year, on a whim, I enrolled in a mastermind program run by the wonderful Eva of Adventures in Cooking. Desperate to find the creative fire that had guided me in the past, I studied my peers as they slowly but surely found theirs. I listened, learned, and observed while their creativity took flight. 

In October, the team gathered for a photography retreat in Oregon. We spent a dreamy weekend in the forest, playing with our cameras and photographing everything in sight.

Here, something finally clicked. As little fireflies lit the autumn skies around me, I felt alive in a way I hadn’t since closing my holistic nutrition blog. In the company of others, I felt new ideas burgeoning. I was back. 

After this retreat, it was if I had been reborn - I had dozens of photos circling through my head, ready to be brought to life. I owe a huge thank you to Eva and the rest of the team for resuscitating me. Throughout the ensuing months I was shooting again, focusing, learning, stretching myself to new levels and then... the world paused. We all paused.

It was an awkward time to be creative, yet when I didn’t allow myself this outlet, fear and anxiety took hold. I couldn’t stop my fire - without it, I would fall apart. I let myself get motivated, inspired, and I woke up every morning to focus on the good. I pushed myself to look for glimpses of light and silver linings every day. I focused on what I could control. 

Week after week in self-quarantine, it became clear that my work was to bring nature inside. I craved the outside world desperately - the beauty of magnolia trees, blue lake water, chipmunks with a mouth full of acorns. So, I started to bring in little blooms that reminded me of my favorite places. If I couldn’t visit, I could create. The difference this made in my day to day life was stunning. I began to feel inspired by the space around me, the space that just days before had felt like a tiny little mouse-trap. 

blooms and flower photography series
flower photos

As I photographed my flowers, I spent time with them. I held each and every bouquet, and I thanked them for bringing joy into my space, for reminding me that some things were still perfect. I would love to share their magic with you too. 

My dream has always been to create pieces that elevate a room. Let that be a coffee book, a cookbook, fine art photography, or a desktop - I want to share my passion and love with all those who welcome a little piece of me in their world.

I am thrilled to announce my seasonal series. Let there be flowers! This collection is meant to be intimate and full of love. Linking memories from my childhood, thirteen weeks in isolation, and my favorite place in the world, these pieces are incredibly dear to me.

seasonal fine art photography

Every year, I will announce a new limited edition series. As we move through each season, so will my photography. Early access will be to anyone that is subscribed to my newsletter (so be sure you are on the list!).

Thank you to my little circle for all your support, love, feedback, and advice on this journey. Thank you to anyone that reads this for being here with me. Thank you to each and every blossom that made its way into my creations. I’m excited, I’m back, and I’m ready to share.

with love,