Discovering the Language of Flowers

Discovering the Language of Flowers

The Whispers of Flowers

Over the last year, I have learned to listen to the way flowers speak. Lilacs and their soft giggles, the way they call in joy, and yet have an uncanny ability to hold the storms of emotion that flood. Chrysanthemums with intricate patterns speak of introspection, passion, discovery, and the layers of being alive. Roses are present and proud. They look you directly in the eye and remind you that even the most gentle beauty also has thorns. Thorns to protect and set boundaries, lessons that remain far after her sweetness has wilted.

Floriography is an exploration of all the stories the flowers had to share. The ways in which they helped me go within, working through emotions and wounds, I didn't even know existed.

They guided me through the magic of partnerships, the endings and beginnings of friendships, the processing of grief, and the exhilaration of joy. 

A dream upon a dream...

Last November, I set up my first shot, silken rose petals, dreamy dew drops. I thought of the way moonlight plays and creates dancing silhouettes of light and shadow. As I photographed, it all felt like the sweetest dream. So I ended up naming this first shot, dream.
Dream Flower Art PrintI could not think of something more fitting as I embarked on this grand new adventure. Utilizing macro photography, all whilst learning the new medium of videography. This whole year and collection has been filled with leaning into my wildest dreams and allowing them to come to life to share with all of you.

I wanted every piece in Floriography to be filled with emotions that we all can relate to and connect with. A deep dive into self-love, self-acceptance, romance, femininity, falling in love, gracefulness, introspection, reflection, rebirth, letting go, curiosity, relationships, and surrendering.

The Stories

We are all made up of stories: the experiences, the losses, the adventures. We are born, and a story begins, but our parents and the places they lived and or visited lead to our existence even before that. As I curated Floriography, I wanted to tell stories through my fine art photography.

Each piece has words that go with it, poetry and prose that capture the essence of the art. The stories may resonate, or the art may make you feel something entirely unique. This is the nature of artistic expression; it is constantly open to interpretation.

Nostalgia is a print that captures my heart, speaks of my childhood and the memories of another land. For you, it may bring up entirely different feelings, but still, ones that capture that sense of knowing, the recognition of an aroma, a face, a time of day. 
Nostalgia Flower Art Print
I explore the nature of color and lack thereof through prints like Light and Awaken. The same image but one in full color and the other only in light and shadow. It is an incredible journey to see how different they feel when gazing upon them, like two separate pieces entirely, with their own stories to tell.
Poppy Flower Art PrintsSome emotions I explore are the more challenging ones that come up in life. Collateral Beauty explores life, death, and everything in-between. The times where we find beautiful moments in unexpected places.
Collateral Beaty Flower Art PrintAs you explore each of the pieces and the stories alongside them, I hope you find places that resonate. Moments where you pause, breathe deeply and feel in your bones that you are not alone. That each of us navigates various emotions day to day, and together we heal and grow. 

I cannot help but smile as I am so excited to hear how each photograph speaks to you, the messages you receive from the language of flowers. 

Violet Dusk

Serendipitous dreaming leads to the most tender ending. The last piece I photographed was violet dusk—an ode to that purple haze of evening, feelings of surrender and release. At dusk, all is revealed, every part of us raw and exposed. There is potent courage in allowing ourselves to be witnessed. The flowers allowed me to open in ways I never have before, unfurling my own petals to reveal the parts of myself I was unsure of. 
Violet Dusk
When all of my prints arrived, I laid them out on my desk and slowly, tenderly took a step back. In front of me was a year of work just sitting there. The feeling of gratitude and wonder engulfed my body and soul. Alone in this room, I was with the various pieces of art that guided me through a year of my life. A dream realized. There is little in life more incredible than seeing something you wanted so badly to come to fruition. Accomplishment, but even more than that, nourishment. Pursuing and creating fuels me with the most profound nourishment.

I am so thrilled for you to embark on this journey through Floriography. My hope is through each photograph; you will meet parts of your heart and soul while engaging all of your senses to genuinely connect with the art before you. 

Breathe in the aroma of the lavender lilac petals, feel the velvet of the Juliet roses, hear the melody of the wispy cosmo petals. Allow yourself to get lost in this majestic world of blooms. 

With love,