The Blossoming of Macro Photography

The Blossoming of Macro Photography

A Closer Look

When we take the opportunity to get closer to subjects we covet, we are gifted worlds we never knew. Expansion. A new form of understanding, of truly seeing what lies before us. The 2021 collection, took me closer than ever before to flowers that I have adored. Now the familiar is new once again. 

The Magic of Macro Photography

In my Floriography 2021 Fine Art Photography Collection I allowed myself to collapse into the language of flowers. Through a macro lens I was transported into a botanical world that left me exploring emotions I didn’t even know existed. Graceful Elegance Flower Art PrintPetals became dancers moving and becoming. I watched them float, with their ephemeral wings. Lilac blooms began to mimic tiny lavender butterflies, and a look even closer, they were the exact color of dusk, evoking a sense of wonder that left me breathless.
Nostalgia Flower Art PrintThe sheer magic of macro photography is that it captures details not visible with the naked eye.

Without words

When we draw closer to our subjects in fine art photography we are transported to other realms. As the art prints are turned over to you, the viewer, you too get to drop into this world of wonder. 

It is a world where words become unnecessary. A place where I invite you to utilize all of your senses and explore the world of flowers in a new, extraordinary way. I always felt called to the medium of photography to capture what words cannot. Akin to musical compositions and paint on a canvas, there are mediums that have their own voice without words. 

Bringing Nature Home

When you bring macro photography into your space, it is akin to bringing nature directly into your home. Intimate treasures that remind you to stay in the present moment. To become more aware of the finer details that exist everywhere, if we simply allow ourselves to see.
Macro PhotographyThis is the world I have created, a world where we engage with our bodies and absorb the art presented. Feeling it into our bones.  I cannot wait for you to join me on this journey as we discover the whimsical worlds of blooms. Come explore here.

With love,