Flower art prints for International Women’s Day

Flower art prints for International Women’s Day

A connection both sacred and special, there’s much to be said for the kinship that exists between femininity and flowers. 

Ladies, take a moment to recall the last time you received a bouquet. How did it make you feel? Joyful? Elated? Appreciated? Loved? Perhaps you felt all of these heartening emotions, and who can blame you! For nature’s bounty provides us with a sense of happiness and has the power to embellish our lives with effortless appeal, creating an ambience that speaks to our soul. 

Beyond the way they make us feel, the language of flowers is one that women know well and it is often thought that the blooms themselves are the very essence of female beauty and delicacy. In art, literature, and even life itself the resemblance is striking, strengthening an existing connection between both female and flower form while luring us deeper under their mesmerizing spell. 

Today, I’m celebrating womankind and our affinity with flowers with one of my favorite captures to date. I bought these blooms to photograph for myself, yet looking back I remember feeling an overwhelming sense of happiness every time I looked at them. And so to all the beautiful ladies, this is my bouquet to you. I hope this image brings you great joy on this International Women’s Day.

with love,