Vintage style flower art prints

Historical flower art prints
Surrounded by flowers, I’ve been studying their uses and meanings - many of which were derived in Victorian times. Looking back at this age, I wonder about the type of woman I would have been back then. I can’t see myself thriving in a life committed exclusively to the home, a life much like the one my grandma led. It made me wonder - what did she sacrifice to care for us? Who would she be if she had the privileges that I do? Despite the wage gap, despite our persistent patriarchy, I am happy to be a woman today.

While I was bringing this piece to life, I tried to slide into the shoes of a Victorian woman. Filled with awe and respect, I learned of the ways in which they used flowers and art to cultivate authentic communication and creativity.  It wasn’t easy to look at the beautiful blossoms in front of me and arrange them in a way that expressed my emotions. But, I was determined to learn from these women and honor them - if they could be here today, what would they say?

Retro flower art prints

Florals were often used to send a message to a loved one - a real message, one that expressed the passion they actually felt. Flowers became their language of love. In many ways, this development stands the test of time. To me, flowers are still one of the most authentic ways to show love - they carry our heart’s appreciation, love, empathy, and other emotions that are too heavy for words. I wanted to express this in a photograph with a historical feel. Even though time has passed, even though our worlds are entirely different, flowers are able to bridge the gap between here and then. I introduce to you a very special vintage flower art print series - Crushing on You.

Vintage style flower art prints

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