White and Purple Flower Art Prints

White and Purple Flower Art Prints
Color psychology suggests that various tinctures and tones can have a powerful impact on our mood and behavior — both good and bad. White, for example, is often linked to feelings of purity, freshness, and simplicity. Equally, it can sometimes seem stark, cold, clinical, or even isolated. Purple too has mixed connotations, ranging from mysterious and imaginative to powerful and noble.

It can be a delicate balance achieving a desired aesthetic when it comes to adding artwork in these colors to an environment, however, I’ve found on a personal level that I’m drawn to these tones more and more.
purple and white flower art photographySeveral of my floral art prints depict blooms in shades of white and purple. Seen here, Grief and Dahlia III may be photographs of the same flower form, however, the feeling these two images create in a space couldn’t be more different.
Color psychology mood and behavior art printsTell me friends, which one speaks to your heart? Are you team white or team purple?

with love,