The 5 Best Places to Hang an Art Print in 2023

The 5 Best Places to Hang an Art Print in 2023
When searching for the right art print or fine art photography for your home, you want to ensure it has the perfect home when it arrives. The art you bring into the house will inevitably transform your space; its placement should not be an afterthought once you’ve ordered it. Staging the artwork is like staging for a performance. It must be carefully thought through to create the right mood and ambiance for your artwork to make an impact. These are the five spaces within your home where your art will make its most significant impact.

Bedroom, studies, and studios

These rooms are meant to be adorned not only for aesthetics but for the wellbeing of your soul.  Bedrooms, studies, and studios are the spaces where you either start your day or spend most of your time. When you wake up to a setting characterized by fantastic art, you are opening yourself up to the positive elements of the world intentionally.

Studios and office spaces can also benefit from adding creative and artistic features such as a fine art print. If your office space is a place where you feel energized and enlightened, you’re more likely to be productive and enjoy your time in it. M
y personal choice for a cute Bohemian office space is The Language of Bliss or anything to do with sunflowers. Sunflowers have a way of radiating warmth, providing their observers with luck, happiness, and love. And, one of my favorite pieces for the bedroom is Perfectionism, as it's a gorgeous reminder that beauty is sometimes a bit messy, as the French say. 


The entrance to your home or a new section of the house should almost always have pieces of art displayed. Not only does this characterize your space as a place where creative energy is cultivated, but it provides a warm and welcoming environment when guests arrive. This is important not only for the entrance of your home but for entrances to guest rooms, entertainment areas, and walls that transition from one area of the home to the next. I'm tempted to pick another sunflower photograph like Golden Hour. Instead, I'd recommend a customized art piece that's uniquely yours to tell your guest more about yourself without having to say a word.

Hallway or staircase

The hallway or staircase can be a perfect place to display your favorite fine art prints and photography. These spaces are typically plain and provide plenty of uninterrupted wall space to make your artwork stand out. A piece of art can become a talking point in these areas as you show guests your home. A framed work like Familie would get the conversation rolling!

Dining room or entertainment area

The dining room or any similar entertainment area should always have at least one art print or photograph to create a more lively atmosphere. You preferably want to place fine artwork in areas where guests can be seated so they can enjoy the composition in a relaxed environment. For the dining area, I would recommend my Italy-inspired floral prints. Both sunrise and sunset capture the alluring magic of Italy, serving as a poetic reminder of life's simple pleasures, as stated in its description. As for the entertainment center, I am in love with The Dew Drops of Joy. These delicate roses hint that summer is always around the corner as we get lost in the beauty of its petals.

Kitchen and bathroom

    The kitchen and bathroom are the most public and intimate spaces in your home, respectfully. However, both are unavoidable places in your dwelling, so why not decorate them with floral prints? Your approach to decorating the kitchen should be led with warmth and invitation, while your strategy for the bathroom should enhance intimacy and comfort. Even though both spaces seem like the antithesis of the other, I think the Unwavering Presence is so diverse; it can accomplish each room's individual goals. For the bathroom, a photograph highlighting the Peony's delicacy like Floating on a Dream brings relaxation and tranquility to its onlookers. In contrast, a Peony piece like Blushing Romance exudes compassion and radiance to guests who step into your kitchen.

    Choosing the right setting will make your flower art print shine. To learn more, check out The Art of Hanging Art for more details on how to improve your art space and hang your photos properly. 

    With love,