How to choose the right art prints and décor for your bedroom

How to choose the right art prints and décor for your bedroom

Bedroom Art Bliss

Your bedroom is your personal sanctuary — a private place of your own to slow down, relax, and to find inner peace. Every element of décor in this oasis plays into your mood and well-being, from the paint color that serves as the backdrop to the texture of the linens that adorn your bed. 

Whether you're looking to create a calming refuge or a more sensual space to enjoy with a partner, the art you choose to display can and will make all the difference to your bedroom bliss.

An unseen space that often gets less attention than some of the more trafficked rooms of our home, the bedroom is an area that ought not to be overlooked when it comes to interior design and decorating. It might seem counterintuitive when most of our time spent there occurs with our eyes closed, however, the tone of the room we unwind in before turning in for the night has a pivotal effect on those all-important hours of sleep (and I don’t need to go into how the quality of our sleep impacts the rest of our daily living!) 

I’ve long believed that the bedroom is a nook of repose that deserves to be filled with items and artifacts that create a soothing and calming atmosphere. When I first introduced some of my flower art prints to my own sleeping space, I immediately felt as though I’d taken my personal sanctuary to a new level of self-care and it fast became my favorite place to simply be. 

Bedroom Art Bliss

Floral art for a restful state

Like any area of the home, choosing the right art for your bedroom helps to reinforce the overall mood you want to create in that space. The bedroom is a place that requires a little more careful attention, however, as the images on your walls shouldn’t be brightly colored, busy, or overstimulating. 

Some of my floral art prints were intended to bring on feelings of relaxation through the use of more soothing color palettes and soft textures. My dahlia collection, for example, is centered around capturing the more gentle pace of the slowing season and portrays the beauty of this autumnal bloom in pastel hues that evoke a sense of calm and stillness. More specifically,

art prints Lavender Mist, The Art of Listening, Permission, To Rise with The Sun, and Burning White Light - with their serene tones of blue, lilac, and lavender - add softness to a space and invite the mind to ease into a restful state.

For an equally comforting approach that incorporates the cleansing properties of one of earth’s main elements, Floating on a Dream captures the gentleness of the peony floating on water. A floral art print that calms and nourishes, this depiction where spring meets the sea is a daydream of a piece that never fails to elicit a quieting ambience. 

Floral art for a restful state

Additional décor elements to consider

The ambience of our living space is altered by the physical elements that make our homes unique. Everything including the strength of light, the fabrics and textures of the furniture around us, and even the scent of a room affects our mood and in a place where all of the senses are thoughtfully provoked to feel one way or another, the impact can be remarkable.

Beyond adding artwork to your bedroom, consider the following additional advice on how to make this sacred space feel more soothing.

Opt for minimalism

The more distracting elements there are in your bedroom, the less likely you are to find inner peace. Unnecessary items on dressers and nightstands make a room appear chaotic, which can cause needless stress.  A clean space without clutter promotes a feeling of relaxation and helps us to rest. 

Choose appropriate lighting

A bright overhead ceiling light may not be the smartest choice when it comes to creating your calming sleeping quarters. Soft, rest-inducing lighting such as a Himalayan salt lamp, a bedside night light, or even dimmable light sources all help to create a more restful environment. 

Incorporate subtle colors

Closely linked to our emotions, color is an important part of setting the tone in a space. For the bedroom, consider hues that promote peace and quiet. Pale blue, for example, is often associated with feelings of calmness and serenity while white represents purity and light. 

Include comforting fabrics

The right linens for your bed will make all the difference in your private oasis. Creating layers allows you to easily adjust how you sleep depending on the season — crisp cotton sheets feel clean and fresh during the summer months while a cozy down duvet keeps you warm and provides comfort during the winter.

Think beyond sight

In the same way color can affect our mood, so too can scent. Some aromas are said to energize and invigorate while others encourage us to slow down and relax. Opt for scented candles, an essential oil diffuser, or spritzing your bedding with fragrances that promote winding down, such as lavender for its sedative effects.

the art we surround ourselves with impacts our overall well-being

Enhancing your self-care

Although decluttering is an essential component of creating a relaxation haven, it’s important to incorporate items that we love for an environment that feels inviting. When opting for a more minimalist approach, however, it can sometimes be difficult to determine exactly which artwork to display and where to place it. 

As previously mentioned, the art we surround ourselves with impacts our overall well-being and in the bedroom, a few thoughtfully selected pieces can both soothe and delight us.

My macro dahlia art prints explore the intricate detail and form of one of nature's most prized blooms and to behold them is to pause and appreciate the wonder of the floral world.

In equal measure, one cannot help feeling calm and content under their hypnotic spell due in part to the soothing color scheme they depict. 
Adding just one or two of these floral art works to your bedroom can have a profound payoff. A large statement piece above the bed or even two complementary flowers displayed side by side is a simple but effective way to include art in your sleep sanctuary. In larger bedrooms with ample surface space, a gallery wall provides an opportunity to incorporate several soothing prints. In smaller relaxation quarters, a sweet frame on a nightstand might be the last thing you see before turning out the lights, or perhaps a framed art print leaning against the wall instead of a piece of furniture might be more conducive in generating your own serene environment. 

No matter how you choose to make your bedroom feel like the relaxing setting it ought to be, the addition of my floral art work is sure to enhance your self-care space.

with love,